EaseXML tends to be an object-xml mapper. It allows to translate XML to Python objects and vice-versa. Your developer life is made easier :

  1. design some classes with special attributes
  2. manipulate the objects in the Python way
  3. translate to XML

Basically EaseXML provides a new object type : XMLObject. Of course, it's possible to build XMLObjects given some XML data. For further information, read the small documentation which takes an example to explain EaseXML's features. EaseXML is released under the Python Software Foundation License.

The project is registered at the Python Package Index and in Freshmeat


Last news

  • 12 Dec 2004: EaseXML 0.2.0 is out, afterwards :) Checkout the consequent ChangeLog entry for more informations.
  • 29 Nov 2004: New website is up ! Update your bookmarks
  • 24 Nov 2004: The project name is changing from XMLObject to EaseXML. But XMLObject class name will remain. So you will only need to modify the package import statement in your code. Old news will keep trace of old name. The SVN repository will be renamed, i'm wondering wether i should do the same for the mailing list .. or not. Keep in touch :)
  • 11 Nov 2004: Joshua Buysse built a binary package of XMLObject for the CSW project CSW is a set of prebuilt packages for Solaris systems. He will be interested to get feedback about it. Many thanks to him !
  • 06 Oct 2004: A 0.1.3 maintenance release, with few bugFixes, new XMLObject class attributes and bringing Unicode support, finally :-) And welcome to Tobias Brox who joined the team.
  • 25 Sep 2004: Removed the commit monitoring list since the EaseXML RSS Feed appeared. The xmlobject-discuss archives are now available.

Old news






Tgz directory


EaseXML source code is now hosted on a Subversion repository on http://svn.base-art.net. To access it you have 3 alternatives:

  • browser-friendly nice output and diff capabilities with ViewCVS
  • DAV read-only access:
    • svn co http://svn.base-art.net/public/easexml
  • DAV restricted read/write access:
    • svn co https://svn.base-art.net/full/easexml
    • ... svn commit
  • Aggregator-friendly RSS feed at:

If you want commit rights to the repository, let me know. The repository is organized this way (the 'classic' one):

  • trunk : Bleeding edge
  • tags : Mainly release marks, making a moment in the repository history available
  • branches : Placeholder where to put long-time parallel EaseXML branches

Well I'm not absolutely sure of the meaning of life of the schema. So correct me if i'm wrong :) The SVNBook says it's good, i believe it.




The author

Any feedback, flames, patches should be directed to me: Philippe Normand <phil =at= respyre -dot- org> I'm also idling on irc://irc.freenode.net/#xmlobject as philipss.

The comnunity

A general purpose mailing list is available for discussions. To subscribe, send a mail to xmlobject-discuss-subscribe@lists.base-art.net. Then, you should receive a confirmation mail which you may have to reply. After all, to post a mail on the mailing list, send it to xmlobject-discuss@lists.base-art.net. Archives are available at: http://lists.base-art.net/archives/xmlobject-discuss


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